APMP, BSI, and BidCraft Join Forces to Create Industry Standards

A major announcement was made at BPC Dallas 2022. 

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APMP and its partner BidCraft intend to sponsor an international set of standards for the Bid & Proposal Industry with BSI (British Standards Institution). We want to recognize our partners at BidCraft, Jon Darby CPP APMP and Gareth Earle MA, CP APMP, who brought us this excellent opportunity. This will help define our industry and get people into the sector who don’t know that we exist. BSI’s facilitation and creation of a worldwide industry standard is a beautiful complement to our growing list of APMP certifications.

Our CEO Rick Harris and former Chair Nic Adams will work with BidCraft and BSI to coordinate this industry-standard production from APMP’s perspective. Once complete, we will use the BSI-produced standards to petition the American National Standard Institute (ANSi) for their approval of the bid and proposal standard in the United States.

BSI will manage the standard development process supported by APMP and BidCraft. The program is funded by APMP’s United Kingdom Development Company CIC. Additionally, APMP will produce a Power Half-Hour Webinar in June 2022 to explain the intended bid and proposal industry process and outcomes to all APMP members.

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