2022 Palm Award Winners from the Women’s Virtual Summit

The first-ever Women’s Virtual Summit was a huge success with 609 attendees, 40 amazing sessions, and 74 presenters from all over the world! As promised at the closing session, we would like to announce the winners of APMP’s Women’s Virtual Summit 2022 Palm Awards.

The APMP Palm Awards are given to the highest-rated APMP virtual conference sessions and are selected based on the number of attendees, attendee engagement, feedback, presentation style, and preparedness.

The APMP Virtual Summit Palm Award Winners will receive:

– A logo they may display on LinkedIn and other social media platforms recognizing their APMP 2022 Women’s Virtual Summit Palm Award.
– Promotion on apmp.org
– Promotion in an APMP winningthebusiness.com article
– $100 APMP store credit. We’ll send a redemption code to all the winners.

Congratulations to our 2022 Palm Award Winners from the Women’s Virtual Summit!

1. Step Forward, Lean In, and Define Your Seat at the Table

Presenters: Erin Andersen CF APMP; Erin Green CF APMP; Nicole Shaffer CP APMP, Sarah Shaffer CP APMP, CAP APMP

2. The Leadership Journey: Moving from Individual Contributor to Leader

Presenters: Jennifer Krause CF APMP; Jennifer Zuniga CF APMP; Margaret Fox CF APMP; Jennifer Hill CF APMP; Fabia Warner; L Francavilla

3. Work Life Balance: Planning & Partnerships to Make the Impact You Want

Presenter: Artie Banks

Honorable mentions go to:

  • Flexing Your Muscles: Achieving a healthy work-life balance while pursuing a successful career.
    Presenter: Alissa Hanson
  • Communicating with Confidence: A Guide to Success as a Young Professional Woman
    Presenter: Dolores Kuchina-Musina
  • You Have a Seat at the Table…. What Now?
    Presenter: Shana Mallin

These winners provided the best sessions that had the highest level of participation and received great feedback, according to our 609 attendees. These sessions tackled everything from building relationships for your benefit, recognizing “imposter syndrome”, how to move your career to a leadership role, prioritizing work-life balance while working from home, and many other important topics for women and our allies. And these are just 3 of our 40 sessions at the Women’s Virtual Summit.

Registration is still open, and all content is still available until 4 November 2022. We hope you truly enjoy this fantastic content.

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