APMP Announces Opportuni Sponsorship to Help Grow Membership, Support Professional Development

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During this year’s Bid & Proposal Con in Denver, APMP and Opportuni announced a significant sponsorship agreement that supports membership growth and new certification opportunities for the future. Opportuni, an end-to-end solution that helps organizations source, bid and win public sector contracts, has been a partner-level sponsor with APMP since early 2021.

“We are grateful to Opportuni for recognizing this industry’s potential and for helping APMP move our profession forward and create new opportunities for our members,” said APMP CEO Rick Harris, CP APMP. “Never in APMP’s 33-year history has a company invested so much to help grow the industry. Opportuni believes in the potential of bid and proposal writers everywhere, and their investment matches their enthusiasm. So, on behalf of our members, thank you, Opportuni.”

As part of the sponsorship agreement, Opportuni commits to funding and supporting the development of a new certification for bid and proposal writers. The organization will also support its own bid writers in achieving this new certification. In addition, Opportuni will explore opportunities to forward the mission of APMP’s Intentional Career Path Committee, whose goal is to create paths and partnerships with educational institutions to help introduce and promote the profession and APMP. This will include Opportuni funding the work of the committee and supporting outreach to higher education institutions.

“Opportuni is delighted to be partnering with APMP and the global membership to support the development of the clear and intentional pathway into a career in proposal writing,” said Opportuni CEO Tim Ward. “Proposal writing is a rewarding and lucrative career choice, so we are so excited to collaborate with APMP, and we are excited for the future in paving the way for thousands of future bid experts to achieve their potential. For too long, proposal writing has been a profession that many have just ‘fallen into,’ but we intend to change this by supporting the ongoing development of this intentional route into the career. Working closely with APMP and the membership globally, we want to help empower the next generation of bid writers, inspire them and give them the tools they need to become successful bid professionals.”

APMP Chair Krystn Macomber, CP APMP Fellow, said, “Finding and attracting the next generation of bid and proposal professionals and, most importantly, making this an intentional career path, is something I am incredibly passionate about. I am excited to see Opportuni lean in to this initiative and provide not only the funding for the ICP Committee’s work, but also the drive and excitement in our collaboration to achieve this mission. We are grateful for their support and look forward to our partnership.”

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