APMP Announces Two New Affinity Group Supporters

APMP is proud to announce that Patri and Hinz Consulting have chosen to support two important APMP Affinity Groups. Patri will be supporting the APMP Mental Health Affinity Group with a $500 donation and Hinz will be supporting the Military Veterans Group with a $500 donation.

APMP promotes a diverse, equitable, and inclusive association through our Affinity Group program. We hope to create a workplace where employees and members of all races, genders, sexual orientations, identities, ages, education, disabilities, or origins feel included, valued, and respected. Launched in 2021, APMP Affinity Groups allow members to celebrate different cultures, hold safe spaces for people with shared experiences, and deepen the APMP membership experience.

The APMP Mental Health Affinity Group was launched on September 6th, 2022 and this addition to the program creates a safe space for members to talk, share strategies, discuss work-life balance, and more. According to APMP Mental Health Affinity Group Chair, Tori Bunk, this group will “provide a space to discuss important topics relating to mental health in the bid and proposal industry such as imposter syndrome, work boundaries, and burnout, as well as making tools and resources available to our members.”

Patri CEO, Josh Ellars, said, “As former bid, proposal, capture, and sales leaders, we understand the demanding nature of these decisive roles, along with the mental, physical, and emotional investments required to perform at a consistently high level. Patri is committed to helping all professionals win smarter and healthier through our innovative solutions and sponsorship of APMP’s Mental Health Affinity Group.”

The APMP Military & Veterans Affinity Group was launched in 2021 to represent the many military veterans involved in the bid & proposal industry. This Affinity Group is essential because many bid & proposal professionals focus on developing bids for government contracts and the defense industry. Hinz GCO, Mark Beha, U.S. Army Veteran said, “Hinz Consulting is a strong supporter of military and veteran’s causes. We are proud to continue this support by sponsoring APMP’s Military and Veterans Affinity Group as a small token of our gratitude to our nation’s defenders.”

If you are interested in supporting one of APMP’s Affinity Groups, please contact chelsea.totten@apmp.org. Our Affinity Groups include:

· Military and Veterans


· Professionals of Color

· Young Professionals

· Mental Health

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