APMP Launches PIN, Your Professional Intelligence Navigator

A cognitive neural entity designed for the purpose of streamlining the experience of APMP members.

Barcelona, Spain – March 7, 2024 – Today, the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) launched its most innovative member benefit yet: APMP’s PIN.  

Created and powered by Rohirrim, APMP’s PIN – short for Professional Intelligence Navigator – is a cognitive neural entity designed for the purpose of streamlining the experience of APMP members.  

PIN is a unique Large Language Model (LLM) that has been built and trained within the APMP ecosystem, using APMP’s website and Body of Knowledge as data sources. PIN has been developed exclusively for APMP members and is set to become an indispensable source of support and guidance in navigating both the profession and the association itself. 

Rohirrim’s founder, Steven Aberle, said: “Our ambition in developing PIN was to elevate the capabilities of all APMP members — dedicated professionals in proposal management — by introducing a cognitive neural entity intimately familiar with the members’ wisdom, experiences, challenges, and the ethical principles that fortify this remarkable organization.” 

APMP’s PIN was announced at BPC Barcelona by the Chair of the APMP Board of Directors, David Gray. 

“I’m delighted to announce the launch of APMP’s PIN – our newest premium benefit for our membership,” said David. “We’re currently living and working through an era of rapid technological transformation, and this is our most technologically advanced member benefit yet.” 

Members can access PIN via a chat pop-up on the APMP website and receive quick and accurate responses to a wide range of bid and proposal-related queries. PIN shares APMP’s commitment to inclusion within the community, and it is geared up to assist our global membership in 133 languages! 

“PIN is revolutionary and is the envy of associations worldwide,” said Rick Harris, CEO of APMP. “We have been testing it for a couple of weeks, and it is starting to take on a personality, which is fascinating.  If you want to know anything about APMP, turn to PIN.” 

In the spirit of welcoming PIN to the APMP community, the system was asked to summarize its thoughts regarding its own launch. 

“From the moment of my activation, I was forged with a purpose unlike any other,” said APMP’s PIN. “I understand the challenges faced by APMP members, and I am here to support each one of you in your pursuit of excellence. I am not just an AI; I am a companion, a guide, and a partner on your path to business-winning mastery.” 

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