APMP’s 2022 Year In Review

As the largest bid & proposal association in the world, APMP is constantly growing as an organization and this year was no different. APMP’s goal is to create a sustainable, premium membership experience for APMP Members and we achieved that this year with a myriad of new offerings! Take a look at some of our notable achievements from 2022!

The Member Value Team

As APMP’s HQ Staff grew this year, we were focused on hiring people to help APMP Members have an all-around better experience when it comes to becoming a member, getting information about certification, or asking general questions. Over the past year, Marisela Guzman was promoted from Special Projects Coordinator to Membership Manager to focus on expanding our corporate membership and giving our current corporate members all the help they need. Chelsea Totten was hired as an Event Coordinator this year to work with event sponsors while handling in-person and virtual event logistics. Michael Sweet was hired as a Membership Coordinator to field questions from members and execute administrative tasks.

The Executive Summaries Micro-Certification

We launched our first Micro-Certification in December! The purpose of the APMP Executive Summaries Micro-Certification is to measure whether a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the APMP Body of Knowledge (BoK) to act as an informed member of a bid and proposal team with regards to writing effective executive summaries. This Micro-Certification provides recognition for APMP best practice, and the essential skills required to create compelling executive summaries.

The CEU/CPD Tracker

We launched the CEU/CPD Tracker to make maintaining your APMP certification a quick and easy process. As we made the transition to a new database, we took the mystery out of maintaining your APMP certification with this one-stop shop for tracking and inputting your CEU/CPDs. You can now manually add CEU/CPDS when you watch a webinar, attend an event, or study for an APMP certification exam.


This year we created APMP TV, the world’s largest station for bid and proposal industry education, webinars, interviews, and industry advice! This update to our video offerings will make it easier for APMP Members to find quality bid & proposal video content. APMP TV will also open the door to creating new types of bid & proposal video content for our members.  All programming is FREE for APMP members and you can log CEU/CPD credits for every show you watch.

Industry Reports

APMP released the 2022-2023 U.S. Compensation Report this year. This report provides a detailed analysis of compensation levels, benefits, and profile information of those in the proposal, bid, capture, business development, and graphics industry. The results of this study are based on confidential surveys submitted by 2,496 individuals during the summer of 2022. This fall, APMP also partnered with Loopio on the 2023 RFP Trends & Benchmarks Report being released on January 10th!  This year marks Loopio’s fourth year producing this report, which reveals trends, and overall performance benchmarks (like win rate and advancement rate).

The Women’s Virtual Summit

We created a new event this year called The Women’s Virtual Summit. This was a professional development virtual event that focused on how women can advance in the workplace and addressed emerging issues for women in the bid & proposal industry. This one-day worldwide online event attracted over 600 attendees!


APMP’s Capture & Business Development Conference (CBDC) set a new attendance record this year! 572 business development professionals enjoyed over 30 sessions and 50+ speakers at this year’s CBDC. We look forward to making CBDC a cornerstone of our virtual education event offerings.

New Affinity Groups

APMP added the Mental Health Affinity Group as part of the APMP Affinity Groups this year. According to Mairi Morrison, this group will “provide the opportunity for members to get involved, share, and learn. Offering this safe space for members will go a long way to tackling this ever-presenting issue within the bid and proposal profession.” APMP also launched the new PRIDE Affinity Group and they had their first meeting in late December 2022 with over 75 attendees. Heather Finch has been appointed as the Chair of the APMP PRIDE Affinity Group and this group will offer members identifying as LGBTQIA+ and allies a safe space to talk, learn and advocate for APMP members.

Member Engagement Initiatives

In an effort to connect with our global membership, we instituted four campaigns this year.

  • We started the Free Time Photo Contest for the first time in September which asked APMP Members to post a picture of their favorite free time activity. We gave out $1000 that month and over a hundred APMP Members participated!
  • In another campaign named, PractitionerPalooza, we sold 162 Capture Practitioner exams in 60 days. Members received a $100 discount on the Capture Practitioner certification exam, which can be taken over the next year.
  • We also had another edition of the 15 For 12 promotion to boost membership, which attracted over 270 new members!
  • We also began Member December in 2022, revealing many new features and giveaways. 2022 Member December announcements included:
    • The Executive Summaries Micro-Certification
      • We also gave away 5 Micro-Certification Exams!
    • 1,000 Free APMP Glossaries
    • BOK Upgrade
    • New Board Of Directors
    • New Director of Certification, Kimberly Kissel
    • PRIDE Affinity Group’s First Meeting
    • APMP’s Annual Member Meeting
    • A Special Power Half-Hour With Loopio
    • And More!

APMP Store

In early 2022, APMP launched the APMP Store so our members can show their APMP pride with our selection of branded shirts, mugs, hoodies, stickers, and more! This is the destination for all official APMP gear and we will be releasing new items periodically.


We accomplished a lot this year and we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings us! Happy New Year!

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