APMP’s 2023 Call For Vice Chair Candidates

This is an invitation for current and past APMP HQ Board members to self-nominate for the 2023 Vice Chair position, which if elected, will automatically put you in line to serve as Chair (2024) and Past Chair (2025).

You are eligible to run if you have served two years of APMP HQ Board service, you have expressed a desire to run for these positions in the past, or you are being invited to run at the request of the APMP HQ Board.

The requirements to participate in the election are:

1) You have previously served at least two years on the APMP HQ Board. Members of the current Board who joined in 2021 are eligible to run because they will have served two years by the time, they assume office.

2) You have achieved and maintained CEUs for APMP Certification (Foundation, Practitioner, Capture Practitioner or Professional).

3) You have not been APMP HQ Vice-Chair, Chair and Past Chair within the past five years.

4) You can attend at least six conference call APMP HQ Board meetings and six APMP HQ conference call Executive Committee meetings throughout a calendar year.

5) You can commit to lead or/and participate in APMP HQ Board and Executive Committee activities between meetings.

6) You will be able to serve a three-year term (as APMP HQ Vice Chair, Chair, and Past Chair).

7) You are an APMP member in good standing and will remain so throughout your term of service.

At the request of our APMP HQ Board members, we will conduct online video interviews that we will record and share with the Board members, so they may vote for who they think is the most deserving candidate. Each candidate will be asked the same questions, in the same order, with the same amount of time to respond to maintain fairness. We expect the interviews to last about 15 minutes.

To give every candidate an equal chance, the interview must be completed via webcam. If your workplace won’t allow that, please make plans to do your webcam interview from home or another location.

Your Deadline to Self-Nominate is Monday, December 5, 2022, at 5:00 PM EST USA. Please send an e-mail to steven.coles@apmp.org and rick.harris@apmp.org to apply. All nominations will be held in strict confidence, and we will schedule your APMP HQ Vice Chair Candidate interview once you have declared your intention to run.

Should you decide to put your name on the ballot, we will work with you on the rest of the logistics outlined above. Thank you!

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