Can ChatGPT Write A Proposal For You?

AI is on everybody’s lips these days and that was also the case at this year’s European Bid & Proposal Conference – BPC Europe 2023. My company was the main sponsor of this APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals) event, which allowed me and my colleague to have discussions around AI and other related topics last week. Digitalization changes the way we live and work and with hyper automation and other AI language tools, there are many questions about what it can do for us in the bids and proposal space.

Xait’s own CTO, John Ingve Eielsen, walked us thru some of the terminology around ChatGPT and how it separates from XaitAI, in his talk “Writing Proposals With the Help of Artificial Intelligence”. The technology that is now available is truly amazing but it is important to realize the limitations and risks that comes with using it.

A recent Gartner article Your 7 Biggest ChatGPT Questions, Answered addresses many questions we all have around ChatGPT and I found some of them really interesting. Some of the current limitations of ChatGPT, is that it cannot cite its sources. Working in the bids and proposal space, that is a big red flag. 

In addition, you cannot train ChatGPT on your own data or knowledge space. That means that if you let ChatGPT write the proposal for you, chances are that your proposal will look the same as your competitors, as everyone is using the same knowledge space.

To summarise, the answer is yes. ChatGPT can write the content of your proposal, but how comfortable are we of AI making decisions for us?At this stage, it will be difficult to block or ban use of ChatGPT in your workplace. But a sensible approach would be to inform your workers that it should only be used as a complementary tool e.g. to summarise text, classifying content, only on qualified data, realising that ChatGPT is only trained on data though 2021.

The most important thing is to make sure that all your generated text is reviewed by humans before submission.

The future is bright and full of shiny AI tools at your disposal. Although it may recalibrate, redefine and replace some tasks included in various jobs, I think we all can agree that humans are not likely to be replaced by AI any time soon. Hopefully..


About the Author

Nina Bauer is the Customer Success Manager at Xait. She brings 20+ years of experience in sales, business consulting, project management and marketing, in addition to bids and presale. Nina has a passion for networking. When she is not with clients or on networking events, she spends time with her family or traveling to new places around the globe.


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