Meet The APMP Affinity Groups!

The APMP community is a hugely diverse one – we have members and chapters the world over, and our membership is comprised of professionals of many different backgrounds, identities, and experiences. APMP is committed to ensuring that its community is a safe and welcoming place for everyone, including ensuring that our members have the opportunity to connect with professionals who share their experiences and understand the ways in which those experiences impact their personal and professional lives.

As part of this ongoing commitment, we developed our Affinity Groups. These groups are essentially safe spaces for those of our members who want to connect with people who may have gone through some of the same things they are going through, and who can support and uplift them in ways they may be unable to find in their regular working environments.

If you are not aware of our five fantastic, member-run Affinity Groups, read on to find out more about the groups and how you can get involved!

Professionals of Color Affinity Group

The Professionals of Color Affinity Group is currently co-chaired by Morgan Anderson, CF APMP and Jeremiah Walker, and is supported by Red Team Consulting, Strategy Horizon and Dragonfly Editorial.

The bid and proposal industry is predominantly white – the 2024 Loopio Trends Report states that white professionals make up 76% of the industry, putting it on par with other majority-white professions like chemical engineering and chiropractic. In a majority-white industry, it’s ever-important that professionals of color have spaces where they can feel understood, celebrated, and supported by other professionals who share their experiences. Co-chair Morgan Anderson described the group’s purpose as “a safe space for people that don’t have peers in their industry to talk about issues they face, such as race or discrimination”.

A spokesperson for Red Team Consulting said they were “honored” to support the group, and emphasized the importance of celebrating “the value, the leadership, innovation and contributions of people of color to the organizations operating in the industries APMP serves”.

They added: “Each day in our business is also an opportunity for those of us who are white to reflect upon our privilege and commit to demonstrating respect and support for our colleagues of color by uplifting and upholding the importance of diversity and equity across our communities.”

A spokesperson for Strategy Horizon stated: “My commitment to center Black Americans goes back more than 50 years. It is one of my foundational values and I am grateful to support this group in honor of my friends and colleagues who have helped me understand the importance of inclusion.”

“It’s about being welcoming,” a spokesperson for Dragonfly Editorial added. “It’s about saying to people who are often overlooked, ‘Hey, we see you. You are important. We’re glad you’re here and we want you to stay.’”

To join the Professionals of Color Affinity Group, contact

PRIDE Affinity Group

The PRIDE Affinity Group is currently chaired by Heather Finch, CP APMP.

According to recent research, LGBTQ+ professionals are still struggling to feel comfortable in their workplaces. Last year, Deloitte found that only half of LGBTQ+ professionals in the UK feel comfortable being completely ‘out’ at work, while Glassdoor found that 45% of LGBTQ+ employees in the US feel as though being out at work could hurt their opportunities for advancement. The PRIDE Affinity Group was founded to provide members with a community within their professional world where they can be themselves openly and unreservedly, and connect about shared experiences of being LGBTQ+.

The group is supported by Dragonfly Editorial and Strategy Horizon.

When asked what motivated them to support the PRIDE Affinity Group, Dragonfly Editorial said: “The last laws prohibiting same-sex relations in the US weren’t repealed until 2003. We followed “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the military until 2010. The Supreme Court didn’t OK marriage equality until 2015.

So, even though it sometimes feels like gay rights are a done deal, they’re actually very new, and still evolving. My hope is that our APMP PRIDE Affinity Group says to people, ‘Hey, we are so glad you’re here. We know it’s a tough slog sometimes, and we’ve got your back.’”

Strategy Horizon added: “A safe space to be yourself is a great gift. This Affinity Group provides that space, and the ability to share as people and professionals. My support helps Pride group members understand that APMP stands with them and for them, and we are proud to be their colleagues.”

To join the PRIDE Affinity Group, contact

Mental Health Affinity Group

The Mental Health Affinity Group is currently co-chaired by Ashleigh Applegate, CF APMP and Kristi Weldon, CF APMP.

This profession is a dynamic and exciting one, but being so fast-paced means it comes with its own set of stressors. With the ever-present risk of burnout that comes with such a deadline-driven role, it’s so important to have people you can talk to who understand the unique balance of triumphs and challenges in this industry. That’s where the Affinity Group comes in – members of the group get together to discuss the things they’re struggling with and their coping strategies.

The group is supported by Strategic Proposals and Strategy Horizon.

“Working in bids and proposals can bring such delight, with the highs of winning and the joys of working with great people,” said Strategic Proposals. “But ours can be a stressful career – working on complex, competitive projects in often too-tight timescales. We’ve seen the toll that these challenges can bring on friends in the profession, so we’re delighted to support the Mental Health affinity group in its important work.”

A spokesperson for Strategy Horizon said: “As a neuro-diverse individual myself, I have experienced the stigma of not being like everyone else and being at a disadvantage because of it. It is my hope that we can dispel stigma, share our strengths, and support each other in healing and recovery.”

To join the Mental Health Affinity Group, contact

Young Professionals Affinity Group

The Young Professionals Affinity Group is currently chaired by Ashley Floro, CPP APMP.

According to the TELUS Mental Health Index of October 2023, professionals under the age of 40 are more than twice as likely as professionals over the age of 50 to report anxiety and depression. The Mary Christie Institute reported that 53% of young professionals reported that they feel at risk of burnout for reasons related to their work at least once a week. Research suggests that young workers are experiencing increased loneliness at work, and are now more likely to report feeling lonely than their older counterparts.

The Young Professionals Affinity Group gives APMP’s younger professionals the opportunity to build their own networks, support each other and collectively manage the culture-shock that often comes with entry into the workforce.

To join the Young Professionals Affinity Group, contact

Military and Veterans Affinity Group

The Military and Veterans Affinity Group is currently chaired by Mark Beha.

Around 7 in 10 military veterans cite mental health struggles as a barrier to consistent employment and – with nearly 1 in 5 veterans currently unemployed – it’s absolutely crucial that veterans are given as much support as possible to ensure they can feel supported in the workforce. Being a military veteran can be an isolating experience when surrounded in a workplace with people who don’t understand the distinct experiences of military service, and having a group of professionals who share in these experiences can be important for ensuring successful and healthy experiences of the workforce.

The group is supported by Hinz Consulting.

“Hinz Consulting considers it an honor and a privilege to support the APMP Military and Veterans Affinity Group,” a spokesperson for Hinz Consulting said. “Active-duty service members and veterans have all dedicated a significant portion their lives to protecting our democracy and the freedoms we all enjoy. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their selfless service. The needs of the veterans’ community are vast and we are humbled to be able to play a small role in repaying the debt that we owe all those who have served or are still serving.”

To join the Military and Veterans Affinity Group, contact

Membership is open to all APMP members. For group updates, please subscribe to a group community in your member account. If you have any general questions about the overall program, please contact Affinity Program Leader Heather Finch at

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