Will RoBOTs Write Compelling Proposals? #RobotAuthors

While we bid adieu to 2023, GenAI’s breakout year, welcome to the new year 2024, the year of progression with better GenAI practices! I would like to take this opportunity to recap on a session I did at BPC Orlando 2023.

There is a huge misconception across the industry with regard to the usage of Automation vs AI vs Gen AI.

Automation, AI, and Generative AI are all related but different concepts.

While automation and AI both involve the use of technology to perform tasks, generative AI is a more advanced form of AI that focuses specifically on generating new content. Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize industries such as art, music, and design by enabling computers to create original content that is indistinguishable from that created by humans.

Overall, while automation, AI, and generative AI are related concepts, they each have distinct applications and implications for how technology can be used to automate tasks, simulate human intelligence, and generate new content.

Here are examples of how automation, AI, and generative AI can be used in bid and proposal management:


  • Automating proposal formatting and compliance: Software can automatically format proposals to meet specific RFP requirements, ensuring consistency and compliance.
  • Tracking proposal progress: Project management tools can track the progress of proposals, identify bottlenecks, and send reminders to keep tasks on schedule.
  • Generating standard proposal sections: Templates and libraries of pre-approved content can be used to automate the creation of standard proposal sections, such as executive summaries, company overviews, and past performance.


  • Analyzing RFPs and identifying key requirements: AI can analyze RFPs to identify key requirements, highlight potential risks, and suggest relevant past experience and solutions.
  • Personalizing proposals: AI can tailor proposals to specific clients and requirements by analyzing their past behavior, preferences, and pain points.
  • Generating draft proposal content: AI can generate draft proposal sections based on previous proposals, industry knowledge, and client insights.
  • Optimizing pricing and cost estimation: AI can analyze historical win/loss data and market trends to optimize pricing and cost estimations for proposals.

Generative AI:

  • Creating original and creative proposal content: Generative AI can create new proposal content, such as executive summaries, case studies, and project descriptions, based on a set of instructions or prompts.
  • Generating visual content: Generative AI can create graphics, charts, and diagrams to enhance proposal presentations and make information more engaging.
  • Tailoring proposals to specific writing styles: Generative AI can adapt its writing style to match the tone and voice of a specific company or client.


Further The Rise of the Robot Authors: How Generative AI is Revolutionizing Bid and Proposal Management

The pen is mightier than the sword, but in the fast-paced world of bid and proposal management, the keyboard holds the key to victory. And in this digital battlefield, a new weapon is emerging: Generative AI. This game-changing technology is poised to rewrite the rules of engagement, transforming the way we craft compelling proposals and secure lucrative contracts.

Imagine a world where AI assistants toil tirelessly, churning out personalized proposals in record time, each one tailored to the client’s unique needs and desires. No more sleepless nights spent wrestling with boilerplate or struggling to find the perfect words. Generative AI can do that and more. It can:

  • Analyze RFPs with laser focus: Uncover hidden requirements, predict competitor strategies, and identify winning themes, all while you focus on your high-value strategic thinking.
  • Craft compelling narratives: Generate original content that resonates with the client, infused with the right tone, style, and emotional appeal.
  • Boost efficiency and productivity: Automate repetitive tasks like compliance checks and formatting, freeing up your team to focus on the finer points.
  • Optimize pricing and cost estimations: Leverage data-driven insights to ensure your proposals are competitive and profitable.

While there a ton of business artifacts that GenAI can generate today, below are few important use cases which can be applied to many stages of bid and proposal management (Conceptual mapping of Bid and Proposal Management Use Cases with Gartner Use Cases on GenAI).


Whether all these GPT/LLMs are our friends, frenemies, or enemies, it depends on us.

While there are tons of LLMs, SLMs that are racing on hugging face dashboard every day, we need to carefully evaluate and develop actionable strategies to leverage the power of LLMs and SLMs (e.g., MS Copilot, Bard, Google Duo, Gemini, Amazon Q, OpenAI, Jais, Falcon, and many more Open Source LLMs, etc.). Remember, not one size fits all!

How many have been excited to try the Copilot O365 rollout?



One thing that has become of more essence is ‘Prompt Engineering’ for each of these above use-cases. Bid and Proposal Management Pros should be able to embrace the potential of GenAI with advanced prompt engineering which is a new technical skill that will need to be developed, along with related tools. Always keep improving your prompts on GPTs, LLMs.

 Will AI ever replace actual human writing & emotions?

While our robotic friends may try to step up your game, they will never outshine our brilliance in the proposal writing arena. It’s the age-old tale of Tom and Jerry, with humans as the undefeated champs.

So, let the robot authors buzz around their algorithms and data analysis. We as proposal pros continue to bring the magic, the wit, and the human touch that wins hearts, minds, and lucrative deals!

Together, we’ll continue to showcase our expertise, adapt to the ever-changing landscape, and deliver compelling proposals that wins hearts and contracts. The chase continues!

Is the writing on wall for Human Novelists? Let’s check it out in this BOTs conversation!


This is not a futuristic fantasy; it’s the dawn of a new era in bid and proposal management all of us can leverage by harnessing the power of generative AI.

Loud cheer to all the AI empowered bid & proposal superheroes out there! Delighted Clients!! ~ Happy BID-NESS #ProudToBeAPMP

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