Rupesh Kumar Named New Director of Chapter and Membership Engagement

ASHBURN, VA, January 4, 2023 — Rupesh Kumar, former Head Business Development for APMP’s India Region, has been promoted to APMP’s Director of Chapter and Membership Engagement effective January 3, 2023.

In his new role, Rupesh’s responsibilities will be to support growth of targeted APMP chapters who wish to increase their membership, grow their local events, establish an effective social media presence and manage their chapter rebate funds. Rupesh will serve as a point person to chapters who want and need help in their overall growth.

Rupesh has been with APMP for five years and with the help of the APMP India governing Board, grew APMP India into the fourth largest APMP Chapter. He also helped APMP India win the coveted Stephen P. Shipley Chapter Award in 2021. He helped grow APMP India six-fold in terms of members during that time. He was also the key driver in the success of APMP’s inaugural BPC Asia in Mumbai.

“Rupesh has been promoted to help select APMP chapters with the similar model he helped create in India,” said Rick Harris, CEO, APMP. “He will work with chapters individually and locally. He will focus his work with select chapter Chairs/Boards to help them realize growth in their chapters. His collaborative work will focus on APMP activities such as local events, expert networking opportunities, chapter promotion, certification and customized chapter initiatives. In short, he will help APMP chapters in the United States and Canada that want to grow realise their full potential.”

Rupesh will do for chapters in the USA and internationally what APMP’s Nina Christiansen, has done and will continue to do for European Chapters.

“Chapters that want help in growing will be able to contact Rupesh on an appointment basis to help provide guidance, chapter best practice and management tips and trends that lead to APMP chapter growth,” said Steven Coles, CPP. APMP and past Chair of APMP’s Board of Directors. If your chapter would like help, please contact Rupesh Kumar at to schedule time to work on growing your program. He will work with chapter officers and leaders on new ideas and initiatives that will help lead to APMP growth in the local regions.

He will assist chapters on a first come first served basis.

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