Go Live Date for New Practitioner OTE Fast Approaching

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APMP Practitioner Certification will move to the new Practitioner Objective Test Examination (OTE) on July 22, 2019.

Members who are currently considering, or in the process of completing the existing Practitioner PPAQ must complete and submit it before the July 22nd  cut over date.

After that time the only way to gain Practitioner Certification will be by taking the new Practitioner examination. This reminder follows an announcement made in Autumn of 2018 about the new exam. Earlier this year, APMP asked for Pilot Testers to help finalize the new exam.

Now, the much-anticipated new Practitioner OTE is nearly ready to launch. “This  exam will be challenging, but is a more commensurate measurement for professionals who have three to seven years of industry experience and utilize APMP best practices,” said Rick Harris, CEO, APMP.

Harris reminds those who still want to finish the legacy Practitioner PPAQ to set a goal to plan out their essay answers so they can complete the PPAQ before the Practitioner OTE starts on July 22. Today, if you complete at least 6 a week, that is less than one a day, you will complete your PPAQ within the time that remains.

Remember, if you choose not to sit for the new APMP Practitioner OTE Exam, you must have your APMP Practitioner PPAQ in no later than July 21, 2019.  There will not be any exceptions.


Please e-mail questions regarding the new Practitioner OTE to Rick Harris, CEO, APMP, at rick.harris@apmp.org.

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