‘It Takes More Than One to Win’

APMP Launches Winning Business Ecosystem, Focusing on Profession’s Adjacent Roles

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Within an organization, there can be a number of people who play a part in winning business, from those in pricing or marketing/PR to those in proposal or relationship management. No matter the size of your team, it’s important to understand all the roles pertinent to getting a winning proposal out the door. APMP’s newest member benefit, the Winning Business Ecosystem, explores these roles and where they fit in to the business-winning process.

The Winning Business Ecosystem is a desktop and mobile friendly interactive tool that illustrates the various roles and responsibilities it takes to win new work. The ecosystem shows:

  • All the pieces and paths required to effectively win
  • Where your organization fits in
  • How your job/role fits in
  • At what point your job/role engages in the winning-business lifecycle and at what point it disengages
  • Detailed job descriptions for every role

“We started to look at what it takes to [sell to] clients, and what’s amazing is there are an awful lot of roles involved in getting things from an initial meeting, all the way to winning an engagement,” APMP Chair Mike Walsh, CF APMP, said during the ecosystem product launch. “And that’s what this ecosystem shows — it shows for an organization [of any size], all the various roles that need to be in place, in some way, to have a successful winning-business experience.”

The tool provides a framework that companies can use to assess their own business-winning team and then customize and refine based on their own needs. It also gives visibility into other functions that team members may not interact with on a regular basis and can offer a roadmap for those who might be interested in learning about other roles for hiring, career growth or professional development purposes.

The Winning Business Ecosystem is made up of two parts: the definitions of proposal-manager-adjacent roles, including goals and functions (which open when you click on each circle); and the Winning Business Lifecycle Highway, which graphically displays where these key roles typically enter and then disengage over the span of an opportunity.

APMP members can use both of these to identify where they currently fit into their organization’s business-winning process, what functions can be added or improved, and what new opportunities may be on the horizon. And like most ecosystems, APMP’s Winning Business Ecosystem will continue to evolve and be refined as the process of winning business evolves.

Watch the APMP Winning Business Ecosystem product launch webinar recording (available through Oct. 30) for further details.

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